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Concordia's simulation lab offers training for utilities in incident management and emergency response.

The Western Energy Institute (WEI) and Concordia University - Portland have partnered with Portland General Electric (PGE) and Organizational Quality Associates (OQA) to create the nation's first center designed to provide emergency management training and educational services specifically for utilities.  Our latest WEI training event was held October 26-18, 2015.

Concordia's simulation lab will offer training focused on incident management and emergency response best practices for utility companies. The effort will strengthen the industry’s sharing of instructional resources, best practices and mutual assistance.

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Protecting our communities from danger is not a game – it is a profession founded on the principles of responsibility, skill and experience. There are few opportunities for individuals and organizations to gain the kind of skill and experience necessary to excel in incident management and command, without the consequences of failure. Now there is such a place – the Concordia University Homeland Security Simulation Center.

Concordia University’s Homeland Security Simulator allows agencies, businesses, schools, and industry to master their incident management skills safely in real-world environments.

CU’s Center for Homeland Security Studies offers training and educational programs for public and private sector organizations looking to enhance their resilience, maintain compliance or test their plans. Our unique approach blends traditional instruction with high-tech simulation. The multi-room simulator allows participation “on scene” and in a fully functional emergency operations center simultaneously. Course offerings include:

  • Emergency Management Executive Leadership Education
  • Active Shooter Awareness and Response
  • Emergency Operations Plan Development
  • Emergency Operations Plan Testing and Evaluation
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Services include custom scenario development with objectives and scoring to track results. We will work with you to develop a custom session to fit your needs.


Concordia’s Homeland Security Simulation Center has the ability to model a number of different dynamic environments, from active airports or seaports, to busy city streets, to countryside homes. Each world is capable of being completely customized, with the vehicles, aircraft, response resources and hazards needed to meet and exceed training and exercise objectives. Here are some of the many options available:


  • FAA Triennial Exercises
  • Dynamic Airport Environments
  • Active Air and Ground Traffic
  • FAA Ground School Support

Small and Large Cities

  • Office Buildings
  • Light Industrial Warehouses
  • Urban Floods
  • Earthquake
  • Active Shooter / Gun Violence

Rural / Countryside

  • Wind Damaged Residences
  • Debris Management
  • Trees and Power Lines Down
  • Resource Management and Logistics
  • Wildfires

Divided Highways and Tunnels

  • HAZMAT Simulations
  • Drainage Protection
  • Chemical, Radiation, LEL with Meters
  • Variety of Vehicles /Environments
  • Tankers – Pressurized / Liquid / BLEVE!
  • Triage Casualties
  • Technical Rescue


  • Respond on shore or aboard ship
  • Military vessel available
  • Launch rescue craft to assist
  • Realistic shipping dock with crane

Soft Target Locations

  • Retail Department Store
  • Grocery
  • Nightclub
  • Office Building
  • Warehouse Depot
  • Train Station
  • Many More!!

Mass Casualty College Campus

  • Manage Triage and Rescue
  • Deploy Decon and Treatment Tents
  • Treat and Transport casualties
  • Manage medical resources
  • Test surge  capacity

Train and Rail

  • Command and Control
  • Train Car Identification
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Site Safety
  • Evacuation


  • "The CU Simulation Center has proven to be and effective teaching tool for delivery of emergency service response tactics and strategy and multi-company operations for a wide variety of potential scenarios. As the Director of Training for the Northwest Association of Fire Trainers, I have witnessed some of this training and can see a significant advantage for emergency service agencies that will fully utilize the Sim Lab, CU Faculty and Staff."

    Ed Lindsey Director of Training, Northwest Association of Fire Trainers

  • "The interactive training session created a very strong, open dialogue within our Company leadership team. It was thought provoking and insightful, pointing out areas where we are well prepared, and where we want to improve on our resiliency, response, and recovery capabilities to handle seismic as well as other events that impact the safety and service to customers and communities we serve. The investment was well worth it."

    Grant Yoshihara Vice President of Operations, NW Natural

  • "[T]his is... priceless... [because] to do this in real life, you'd have to bring in all the units that you use for daily response and it  wouldn't work."

    Rick Huffman Division Chief, Vancouver Fire


Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training Class

$99per person, up to 20 individuals

  • Half-day course includes two hours of instructional time and two hours in the Simulator
  • Participants learn to recognize the signs of an active shooter threat, and how to properly respond to an active shooter in their environment
  • Participants learn how best to support first responders arriving at an incident
  • Simulated active shooter incidents are modeled for a variety of work environments based on client preference

Component Services

Pricing based on selected components and package

  • Classroom Training – We provide classroom and instructors; we teach the class
  • Classroom Rental – We provide the space; you provide the instructors
  • A/V-Linked Classroom Rental – Learning in two physically separated rooms connected by audio and video: One group of instructors or students can observe another group in real-time
  • Video Documentation – We record your training session and document it in a finished video
  • Training Video Production – We produce a training video to meet your specifications and learning objectives

Custom Training and Simulation Design

Please Call

  • Our team will meet with you to discuss your exercise and training needs
  • We will bring our portable systems to your location and develop a custom exercise for your organization
  • We will design an exercise simulation specifically tailored to your company's unique environment
  • Options are unlimited - Contact us for more information!

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